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Medicare vs. Big Pharma: Exposing the Price Gouging

Talk about inflation?! The insanity of America's elected officials willingness to allow Americans to pay up to 1,000% more for drugs than anyone else on the planet is mind boggling. To make matters even more diabolically absurd, American tax payers actually help fund Big Pharma.

Why do Americans pay so much more than anyone else for prescription drugs?

Big Pharma responds with predictable outrage.

As Medicare takes a bold step to negotiate fair drug prices, Big Pharma responds with predictable outrage. Their cries of concern are hard to swallow when they're practically giving these drugs away overseas while squeezing every penny from Americans.

Why do Americans pay so much more than anyone else for prescription drugs?

  • Medicare Strikes Back: While Medicare is fighting for fair drug prices, Big Pharma seems more concerned about their bottom line than patient welfare.

  • Outrageous Markup: The drugs under negotiation are being sold for a pittance overseas. Yet, in the U.S., pharmaceutical giants are charging a king's ransom and boasting massive overseas profits.

  • The American Rip-Off: It's a hard pill to swallow: Americans, whose taxes fund drug developments, are getting swindled, sometimes paying 1,000% more than patients abroad.

  • Industry's Shameless Pushback: Pharma’s "concerns" about the new program are laughable, given their track record. Multiple lawsuits are just another tactic to maintain their profiteering.

  • Startling Price Differences: Drugs like Januvia, NovoLog, and Xarelto showcase Big Pharma's audacity, with sky-high U.S. prices compared to their overseas counterparts.

  • Twisted Priorities: Despite the U.S. heavily bankrolling drug research, Big Pharma seems more interested in stock buybacks and shareholder dividends than genuine R&D.

  • Patent Games: With cunning use of the patent system, drugmakers cling to their monopolies, preventing affordable alternatives and betraying the public's trust.

  • Case Studies in Greed: Take Enbrel, for instance. Its staggering U.S. price compared to European rates paints a clear picture of Big Pharma.

Pharma's unabashed greed.

To despair or not to be despaired: The stark disparity in drug pricing reveals Big Pharma's true colors. As Medicare seeks to champion Americans' needs - Big Pharma's rebuttal only underscores their prioritization of profit over patients.

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