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The Irony of Titans: Zillow vs. NAR and the Evolution of Homebuying

A Mortgage Broker's Tale of Zillow vs. NAR

Happy New Year, fellow Americans! This story was too 'BIG' to miss. My first thought was, "Oh the irony!" Let's unravel a tale filled with irony, giants, and a legal dance that's shaking the foundations of our beloved real estate world. Grab a fresh coffee, and let's dive into the clash of Zillow and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Zillow sues multiple listing services.

The Irony of Titans: Zillow vs. NAR and the Evolution of Homebuying
The Irony of Titans: Zillow vs. NAR and the Evolution of Homebuying

Act I: America's Real Estate Humble Beginnings

Think back to a time before the NAR's inception in 1908. Real estate was the Wild West:

  • No rules,

  • no standards,

  • just pure, unregulated chaos.

This was a time when anyone could masquerade as a real estate agent, with buyers and sellers often left to the wolves. The founding of NAR brought much-needed order, setting the stage for ethical standards and professional practices in the industry.

So if you're living in a home today or buying one tomorrow, you might not want to bash the NAR so hard before diving into American history. Rules are meant to protect humans for ourselves. Imagine that!

Act II: Zillow - The Game Changer

Fast forward to the digital age, and enter Zillow. This platform transformed how we search for homes, bringing listings to our fingertips. But as Zillow grew, it transitioned from the underdog to a formidable force, a Goliath in its own right.

Act III: The Clash of the Titans

Today, we find ourselves witnessing a clash of titans: Zillow and NAR, each a powerhouse in the real estate arena, embroiled in a legal battle over alleged anti-competitive practices. It's a scenario dripping with irony, as two giants battle it out for dominance in the industry.

Act IV: The Heart of the Matter

This showdown isn't mainly about corporate muscle-flexing. But it's also a reflection of the ever-changing real estate landscape, balancing innovation with tradition. It's about ensuring fairness and competitiveness in an industry that's at the heart of the American dream.

My 2 Cents:

As we wait for the outcome of this epic battle, let's not forget the journey from the chaotic markets of the early 1900s to today's more regulated, transparent, and innovative real estate world.

Whether Zillow reshapes the industry or NAR upholds the traditions, the future of real estate is evolving before our eyes. The NAR offers American home shoppers, sellers, and buyers securities during the biggest transactions of their lifetimes. Zillow appears to be seeking a new 'Wild West' and a new sheriff in town.

I personally favor the preservation of established rights over raw greed, but hey, that's just me. Zillow's lawsuit is like a gluttten that has eaten everything complaining about the lack of food. For a company that is acquiring Follow Up Boss for up to $500M in the quest for a ‘housing super app’ to complain about monopolies is a tragic comedy. KC Stark

Staty Tune for More Irony:

Keep your eyes wide, America. If you ever want to banter about the industry, get insights, or just chat about your next home move, don't hesitate to reach out.


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