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10 Step Success Checklist for Home Buyers and Agents

Helpful agent and homebuyer’s checklist for success!

Want to close faster with less ‘no’ and more ‘know how?'  For agents and homebuyers, the process can seem daunting at times.

Print and Share: 10 Step Checklist for Success: Homebuyers and Agents

Print and Share 10 Step Checklist for Success: Homebuyers and Agents
Print and Share 10 Step Checklist for Success: Homebuyers and Agents

There are two basic workflows for agents and homebuyers: Qualification + Closing Activities.

  1. Client First: Understand buyer goals, needs, and budget. This can evolve.

  2. Needs Analysis: specific property details; # of bedrooms, location, size; prioritize "must-haves" vs. "nice-to-haves." Get Prequalified Now: If not, this can cause a multitude of problems. A good PreQual Letter can be a powerful negotiating tool.

  3. Property Search: Research list schedule and viewmust have” properties.

  4. Negotiating Offer: Price concessions buy downs and key dates.

  5. Closing the Deal & Post-Sale Activities

  6. Inspections & Appraisals: Schedule property inspections and handle any resulting negotiations.

  7. Final Approval: Work with mortgage broker ensuring the buyer provides necessary documents on time.

  8. Final Walk-Through: Check if repairs were made and that the property's condition matches the agreed terms.

  9. Closing: Coordinate with escrow/title company ensuring all documents are ready and understood by the client. Celebrate the successful transaction!

  10. Post-Sale Activities: Ensure they're settled and address any concerns. Request referrals and testimonials for future business.


This workflow provides a clear and organized approach to managing real estate transactions, aiding real estate agents in ensuring that each step is completed effectively and efficiently for a enjoyable and successful home purchase.

Attention Real Estate Agents & Home Shoppers

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