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Opinion: Trump (finally) Charged for Plot to Steal Democracy

Well folks, here's a shocking revelation, and I mean this in the same way you'd be shocked to find out that water is wet. Donald Trump, our treason-toned ex-commander-in-chief, is facing a bunch of charges. Yes, charges! Not the kind you get when you forget to unplug your phone overnight, but the ones that could land you in the sort of housing that's definitely NOT covered by his gold-plated insurance policy.

Opinion: Trump (finally) Charged for Plot to Steal Democracy
Opinion: Trump (finally) Charged for Plot to Steal Democracy

But here's where it gets juicier than a well-done Trump steak. He lost an election, but apparently, losing wasn't on his bucket list, so he tried to pull off the sort of 'take-backsies' you'd expect in a third-grade dodgeball game. An allegation here, a conspiracy theory there, and boom, you've got yourself an attempted coup smoothie. Yummy!

And oh, remember those hush payments? There's so much hushing around that it feels like we're in the world's most scandalous library. Yes, Stormy Daniels, once a footnote in a glossy tabloid, might now get her name engraved on a brass plaque at the courthouse.

Now, hold onto your hats, folks, because here comes the punchline. After all this, after the court cases and the corruption, the twists and turns worthy of a low-budget daytime soap opera, there's still a chance this guy could run for President. Again! Seems our founding fathers, in all their wig-wearing wisdom, forgot to add "Must not be under federal indictment" to the job description. Talk about an oversight!

Apparently, the White House has the same standards as a '90s daytime talk show: it's not about your past or your crimes, it's about how much noise you can make. And let's face it, folks, if there's one thing Trump is good at, it's making noise. As for leadership, well, that's another story. But hey, who needs statesmanship when you can have showmanship, right?

So there you have it, the tragicomic tale of American democracy. Don't forget to tune in next week when we find out whether the White House will become the next season's location for "Orange is the New Black."


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