Copywriting vs. Content Marketing

Frequently confused, Copywriting and Content Marketing truly share the same genes. Yet they differ in their core and purposes.

With the constantly growing need for qualified specialists in both of these areas, we have decided to clarify the differences and commonalities between these two concepts to help young specialists understand what skills and qualifications they need in order to become experts in either or both of these areas.

Without further ado, let’s go over different aspects of both copywriting and content marketing to identify what each of these two things aim for.


First and foremost, we need to identify what goals copywriting, and content marketing pursue.

Copywriting as an elder brother of content marketing tends to sell goods and services. Texts are typically very straight-forward, yet tasteful. Copywriters never lose the sight of their goal -- conversion rates.

Meanwhile, the younger brother of copywriting, content marketing, is not as straightforward. The goal of content marketing is to inform, provide value and share a passing mention of the goods and services on offer.

To reiterate in the words of Marge Holden from NerdyMates, “It is important to remember that copywriting aims to sell a product while content marketing aims to solve informational needs of the user, without outright sale pitching.

While copywriting sells, content marketing works on branding.”


The bottom line is that copywriting focuses on creating quality “copies” which market particular goods. And though a lot of people believe that it is all about writing slogans, the real scope of writing types is quite huge.

Copywriters create:

  • Sales emails;

  • Jingles (aka ad songs and slogans);

  • SEO content;

  • Video scripts;

  • Web page content;

  • TV and radio commercials;

  • Drip campaigns;

  • Brochures;

  • Press releases, etc.

The list of possible content marketing writing forms is just as lengthy. Specialists state that Content Marketing centers around the creation of:

  • Blog articles;

  • Radio shows;

  • Podcasts;

  • Magazine articles;

  • Newsletters;

  • Ebooks;

  • Social media posts;

  • White papers;

  • Articles;

  • Newspaper pieces, etc.

As can be observed, the written pieces written by copywriters are much shorter. The primary goal is evident right away, ‘ copies’ motivate the customer to part ways with their cash.

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